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Never too Young to Learn

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My husband is a word guy. He challenges his high school students often by exposing them to new vocabulary. A couple weeks ago he read an article about the importance of using quality vocabulary with babies. He was all in. Between reading to our granddaughter and using big vocabulary words with her, she is on track to being a reader.

I, on the other hand, am the math girl. I love it and I hope some day so does our grand daughter. I too will read her lots of books, but we will also be working on those math skills.

Here are just some ideas of how we will be doing that:

  • Counting, counting, counting…ears, eyes, and toys as we pick them up. Counting forward and backwards. Assisting her with one-to-one correspondence.
  • Location, location, location…under, over, above, below, next to, beside, up, down, around.
  • Quantity and comparison…more, less, bigger, smaller, least, greater, big, little.
  • Shapes and patterns…circles, squares, triangles, rectangles.  We will name them and play with them. We will also look for patterns and ask what comes next.
  • Fair share… one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me.

And most importantly, we will have fun doing it. Make learning fun!

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