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The new common core standards are on the near horizon and one of the key components is that we need to help prepare students for both College AND Career. We have done a fairly nice job of preparing students for College over the years, but what of Career?


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What is authentic learning?  Is it learning that is designed by teachers to do real work for themselves, their school and their community?  Is it project-based learning?  Is it making sure we "cover" the college and career standards?  I have wondered an appropriate answer to this question for the past ten years and I've had the opportunity to ask many staff and students what they believe is authentic.

Two definitions for "authentic" from the Merriam-Webster dictionary are:


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Common Core Math Resources

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It's a Friday evening and I have just drifted off into the loveliest dream.  I am the young and beautiful Julie Andrews falling for the dashing Christopher Plummer on the movie set of my favorite musical, "The Sound of Music".  Things are progressing right on cue.  I have sung the opening theme song, met the Captain with his "ridiculous" whistle, set on the infamous pinecone, cut up the curtains to make playclothes, and then "Up in the nursery, an absurd little bird, is calling out to say "You're" cuckoo, cuckoo...."


Teacher Evaluation in a Common Core World

In the United Teacher Federation article, The Tortoise and the Hare and Teacher Evaluation, “Educational change that succeeds is a result of school leaders and classroom teachers working closely together, only implementing new policies and practices after practitioners really work them through. If a new evaluation instrument strengthens the teaching force it will be because they patiently and carefully develop teachers, not because they use data to sort them into incomprehensible percentiles.  That is the approach taken by the nations with the highest-performing school systems.”


Not a Four Letter Word

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Fraction is not a four letter word! Then why does it cause so many teachers and students to groan when that is the math topic of the day? Fractions are everywhere. Measurements, tools, music, sports, percentages, statistics, prices, food, and I could go on and on. We use fractions daily. So why such a sour face when I say the word?



What Part of the Mess Do I Own?

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My work with teachers this past year with the Common Core standards has resulted in the same question that other teachers across the nation are asking.  "What does Common Core look like in the classroom?"  


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With the coming of the Common Core, many social studies teachers are busy figuring out just exactly how to implement them in their classrooms. One question I hear a lot is:

What does this sort of instruction actually look like?


Let's Keep Our Eyes on the Foundational Skills

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Many years ago I memorized a quote by Dr.


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Someone once said, “It is not change that kills -- it is the transitions.   As I was reflecting on this quote, I thought of a few scenarios in my own path where this seems to fit very well. As many of you know, I am in the throes of an addition to my future home.  The building “event” lends itself to a plethora of struggles and stressors not to mention: inclement weather looms! Until everything once again has a place and the daily routine is running smoothly, everyone feels out of sorts, grumpy and unsettled.


Do You Get the Picture?'s picture

This is one of my favorite photos of our four children for obvious reasons.  First, it shows how absolutely adorable they were at that age.  Second, it captures a specific moment in time so we will always remember it.  Third, it proves that they can all get along, at least long enough to snap a photograph.   Beyond those basic visual elements, they picture carries a deeper message for me as it encapsulates some beliefs and values about teaching and learning that are crucial to the successful implementation of the common core standards and assessments.



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