10 Things Jordyn's Math Teacher Needs to Know About CCSS

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Two months ago, Jordyn Marie was born.  Nothing can match the joy of having a child, unless it is the birth of a grandchild.  If you ask me, she is pretty darn perfect, and as a devoted Nee'Nee' (my name for grandma) I would like to keep her that way.  I would like to make her life, most especially her school career, as smooth as possible.  Therefore, I have compiled a list for the future math teachers who will be tasked with ensuring Jordyn's math understanding.   Here are the top 10 things that her teachers need to make sure they are doing by 2018: 


The Concrete Common Core: What are the components of a common core lesson?

We have spent a great deal of time “unpacking” the Common Core Standards and then discussing what implementation of those standards mean to our classrooms. As we continue to have conversations, we get a vague picture of what our classroom will look like, but we struggle to put those vague ideas into more concrete lessons.


Expectations Impact Results

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Throughout my career, I have experienced teachers that say, their students can’t or their students are not developmentally ready. In fact, just recently I heard a teacher say the same thing about the new Common Core State Standards for math. The fact is...students are capable of mastering the CCSS math standards at the grade level for which they are written. The standards are evidence-based. 


At the Intersection

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As I'm working with educators across the US and Kansas, I find that many of us are trying to figure out how to juggle our new technology investments with the new Common Core Standards. I get asked about where will they fit together. How we can ensure that we're using the high-dollar investments to the best purpose to meet the standards.


If Common Core is the What, Then What’s the How?

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Before you read this post, take a moment to watch the video above, depicting what our “standardized students” might do in a real-life situation, such as a job interview. 

Do click it to watch it. It’s only 3 minutes long and you’ll be glad you did.  

This video parody struck me the other day as a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe not so much…  Sure, it’s a parody, but can’t we see the truth in it too? I know I can and I shake my head.


Kansas Gets Waiver!

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From Diane DeBacker:

I am pleased to announce that Kansas was successful in our request for an ESEA Flexibility Waiver from certain provisions of NCLB! In a press release earlier this morning, Kansas was approved along with five other states and the District of Columbia. A total of 32 states have been granted waivers.


Podstock: linking technology and teachers to great classroom practices

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Hanging at Podstock in Old Town in Wichita, KS Thursday and Friday this week! Love the stuff I am learning. Lots of connections between College and Career Readiness skills, and mathematical practices, especially using technology tools strategically and capably.

Check out Podstock online for ideas and be sure to follow Podstock on Facebook and Twitter so you can join us next year!


Implementing the Common Core: What Are We Waiting For?

 Marion Herbert, writer for District Administration magazine explains in her March article, “Are You Ready to Implement Common Core Standards?” that in a recent survey conducted by the Leadership and Learning Center, 96% of responding school leaders, by their own admission, are not preparing for Common Core Standards implementation.


Dyanamic Learning Maps

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Dynamic Learning Maps is the new buzzword for what has formerly been called the Alternate Assessment. This assessment, of course, is reserved for a small percentage of students who have significant cognitive challenges.


Top 10 Activities to Process Common Core Math in Your District

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Gearing up for the Common Core is both exciting, yet can be overwhelming.  This Top Ten List of activities are designed as different ways to process the Math Common Core Standards.  They could be used in a whole group setting, small group, professional learning communities, or for individual learners.  The Ten Activities are linked to more detailed information. I hope you find some of these helpful in your district.

Food for thought videos:



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